About Us

About Us

Metropole Taormina villas are a slice of heaven in Italy, making your holiday dreams come true. We’ve always loved Italy and were inspired to help other people discover Italy after we’d had a fantastic holiday there ourselves.

We’d just touched down in Manchester after our flight, and had needed to hire a car from Salford to get us home, and we were feeling well, a bit flat. Following the warmth and vibrancy of Italian culture, the amazing weather and even more incredible cuisine, England seemed a bit grey and drizzly really.

We’d had some experience of running holiday homes before, but we thought why not turn our love of Italy into our business and lifestyle? And so Metropole Taormina was born, well the idea was anyway.

With some hard work and a few risks, we managed to make our dream come true and Metropole Taormina was and is open for business. Come and enjoy Italian hospitality in style – you won’t regret it!